Other Run 'n Gun Events

In case you haven't noticed, the world of Run 'n Gun is expanding rapidly... too rapidly for us to keep track of all of the quality events popping up!

The most complete list of current Run 'n Gun events is on the Facebook page "RnG Discussion," here.

Oklahoma Run 'n Gun, the organizer of the Battle Springs Run 'n Gun, is an independent organization in the tradition of the Pecos Run 'n Gun in the Sun (the original Run 'n Gun event).  We are not associated with the organizers of any of the other Run 'n Gun events, though we are friends with many. 
Interested in starting a Run 'n Gun?
Oklahoma Run 'n Gun strongly supports the growth of the Run 'n Gun community and has helped many other events get off the ground.  If you're interested in organizing or hosting a Run 'n Gun event and would like help or advice, feel free to contact us by email at okrunngun@gmail.com.